Articles I’ve written…

Journal Articles (Academic)

“On Sylvia Bowerbank: Green Literary Scholar.” Cheryl Lousley with Cate Sandilands, Susie O’Brien, Mary O’Connor, Richard Pickard, and Bob Henderson. The Goose, 2017.

“Outdoor Adventure Education in Canada: Characteristics and Influences.” Morton Asfeldt, Tom Potter, and Bob Henderson. International Journal of Active Learning, (in German, 2013).

“Wolves, Ptarmigan and Lake Trout: Critical Elements of a Northern Canadian Place – Conscious Pedagogy.” Morten Asfeldt, Ingrid Urberg, and Bob Henderson. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education,14, 2009, pp. 33-41.

“Thought, Word, Deed: A Tribute to Paul Shepard.” Doug Karrow, Jean Kentel, and Bob Henderson. The Trumpeter, September 2007, pp. 1-26.

“Mining our Experiences: Reflecting on the Subtle Interpersonal Dimensions of Teaching and Learning.” William B. Strean and Bob Henderson. Mountainrise: The International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Spring 2007, pp. 2-11.

“Canadian Outdoor Adventure Education: Hear the Challenge- Learn the Lessons.” Tom Potter and Bob Henderson. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning. (a revised and extended version of CJEE 2001 publication). Fall 2004, pp. 69-87.

“Dialogue of New Directions: The Spiritual Heart in Adventure Learning.” Gordon Leenders and Bob Henderson. The Journal of Experiential Education, August 1991, pp. 32-38. (Also revised for publication in Among Teachers, Joint Committee of Teaching and Learning, O.I.S.E. and University of Alberta, October 1991.)

“Dealing with Teacher Pain.” Bob Henderson, Merle Kennedy, Lillian Sabo, and Chuck Chamberlin. ATA Magazine (Alberta Teachers Association), March/April 1991, pp. 9-13. Reprinted in Teachers’ Writing Series. Act Publishing Team, Joint Centre for Teacher Development, O.I.S.E., Toronto, 1992, pp. 81-91.

“Ecophilosophy in Popular Rock Music.” Trumpter. Spring 1988, pp.78-82.

“Towards an Analysis of Self-Propelled Wilderness Travellers.” Outdoor Recreation Research Quarterly. Henderson, R. and Scott, H., Lakehead University. Spring 1987, pp. 47-60. Revised from 1983 proceedings.

“Looking Beyond the Activities of Outdoor Pursuits.” CAHPER, March-April 1987, pp.8-13.

“Thoughts While the Bannock Bakes: Love and Wilderness Travel.” Trumpeter: Voices from the Canadian Ecophilosophy Network, Winter 1987, pp. 9-11.

Guest editor with Nicky Duenkel. “Educating for Deep Ecological Sensibilities.” The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy, Theme Issue, Vol 14.2, WN55, Spring 1997.

Journal/Magazine Articles (Practitioner)

Henderson, B., Howard, R. Sanitizing Adventure:How Over-Zealous Risk Management Strategies are Sucking the Life from Kids Paddling TripsPaddler Magazine, Fall 2018, pp.39-40


“A Tale of Two Rivers: The Wind/Peel Rivers in Flood.” Nastawgan: The Quarterly Journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association, Spring 2017.

“The Mountain River Canyons: The Indigenous Experience.” Bob Henderson and Al Pace. Nastawgan: The Quarterly Journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association, Vol. 43 (4) Winter 2016, pp. 24-27

“A Celebration of Winter as Place: Teaching in and about Winter” by Patrick Byrne and Bob Henderson. Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Winter 2017.

“Harvey Scott: A Mentor to Many: Encourager, Enabler Helping Others to Each Find “their unique gift/way” in the World.” Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Winter 2017.

“Pierre St-Germain’s Miracle Canoe” by Bob Henderson and André-François Bourbeau. Nastawgan, Fall 2012, Vol. 41, No. 3, pp. 25-27.

“Dandelions or Database: Putting Nature Words Back into the Children’s Dictionary” by Bob Henderson and Nicole Parisien. Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Fall 2010, 23(1), pp. 34-35.

“Passion is No Ordinary Word” by Bob Henderson, Deb Schrader and Erica Roebbelen. Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Spring 2009, 21(3), pp. 5-11.

“Watch your Step: Where is Tinawatawa?” by Bob Henderson and James B. Bandow. Ontario Professional Surveyors, Summer, Vol. 52, No. 3, 2009, pp. 14-15.

“Learning from Students: The Use of Student Journals in Curriculum Design.” Deb Schrader and Bob Henderson. Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Spring 2009.