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Author, speaker, educator, and avid explorer with a passion for all that nature has to offer.


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It’s a privilege to share my love of the outdoors, and trail travel with students of all ages.

Whatever the topic, be it history, historical travel ecophilosophy, enviromusic, paddling, bannock baking, outdoor education, Bob Henderson’s message always returns sooner or later to the same heuristic: if you want to learn anything about anything, you need to immerse yourself in it, you need to experience your subject fully, deeply and preferably with food cooked over an open fire. And, if what you’re wanting to learn happens to be environmentalism or Canadian history, you need to read and listen broadly and to get out on the land, preferably under your own steam and certainly, though not always, away from urbanity.

He’s got the map of Canada in his head, an eclectic canon of sources at his fingertips and the wilderness in his bones. And binding it all is a narrative thread that eventually stitches ideas into meaning. James Raffan (Author/Paddler)

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