What I’m doing now…

Bob Henderson

After serving for over 20 years as a coordinator of the editorial board, I am now working as a resource editor for Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. Additionally, I’ve been resource editor for Nastawgan: The Quarterly Journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association since 2008. My primary role as resource editor is to generate submissions for the publications. 

After retiring from McMaster University in 2010, I have been doing field-based course work with universities across the country including, The University of Alberta (Augustana Campus), Laurentian University, Brock University, and McMaster University. I also co-guide a ski tour in Norway in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, Masters of Education program.

Locally, I am involved in the Green Durham Association, which is concerned with conservation lands in the Uxbridge/Goodwood region. Professionally, I have active affiliations with Wild Pedagogy (a gathering of educators pursuing educational reform), among others. Board member for Trails Youth Initiative and Camp Kirk.

Currently I am working on a book publications with the working title of Lessons from the Trail: The Educator/Guide, Traveller, and Reader Experience and have just recently published with co editor Sean Blenkinsop, Paddling Pathways:Reflections from a Changing Landscape. YNWP: Regina 2022

Currently working on a 1971-2021 Anti-Expedition Journey to Tseringma, Nepal in October 2024. Pandemic delayed.