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TEDxStouffville (2012)

The subtle and profound role of story, place and technology in nature.


  • Wild Pedagogies Conference – Sweden – An Adventure/Nature Travel Literature Continuum – Aug 20 – 24
  • Wilderness Canoe Association Webinar – Toronto – Virtual – Water Hasn’t Changed, We Have! – May 17
  • Early Childhood Education Conference – Okanagan College, B.C.  – May 10 – Keynote Virtual – Wild Pedagogies: Disruption and Transformation
  • Youth Environmental Summit – Algonquin Park – Travel Guiding and Careers – March
  • ORCKA Webinar – A Curriculum for Canoe Tripping: An Oxymoron? I think not! – Jan. 10


  • Trails Youth Initiative Staff Training – 4 sessions  in Nov.
  • COEO Conference – Camp Muskoka – Keynote – 50 years of Outdoor Education in Ontario/Canada – Sept.
  • Heritage Crafts Like No Other:The Taylor Statten Camps War Canoes – Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, Paul Smiths College, New York July 16.
  • Taylor Statten Camps Alumni in Residence – July 3 – 7.
  • Adventure Travel Literature Old and New: What you should know! Camp Pathfinder Spruceroots- Algonquin Park – June 11.
  • School of the Forest Podcast
  • Part 1 – A word saturated in values- Talking about the elusive concept of Friluftsliv – Feb 18
  • Part 2 – A word saturated in values – Talking about the elusive concept of Friluftsliv continued – Feb 25
  • Part 3 – The slow development of a greater humility in the travel experience – March 4


  • Playful Pedagogies Podcast with Kim Barton, Guelph Ontario -“The Emb, Embedded, Embodied and Imbued with Bob Henderson” December 24, 2021
  • Film: Nopiming: Entrance to the Wilderness – Interviewed for film by Kevin Nikkel: Premiered on CBC Manitoba , Sept 18
  • Tom Thomson History – Guided Tours, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park –
    Sept 19, 23
  • Association for Experiential Educators – Northwest Region Keynote  – Thoughts on the “Look at me, you can’t do this” Wilderness Super Hero – On Zoom
  • California State University, Sacramento Guest Lecture – April 22
  • Laurentian University Guest Lecture  – 2 classes for Laurentian Adventure Leadership program – April 6 & 9
  • Trails Youth Initiatives Staff Training Workshop – Winter Living Skills and Canadian Winter Identity  – POSTPONED
  • Wilderness Canoe Symposium Session – The Look at me Wilderness Superhero: A critique. – Feb. 17 – On Zoom
  • Side Car Live Pilot- A virtual 30 min pilot interactive session for Seniors living in Long Term Care facilities on living in winter in Algonquin – Feb. 23
  • Click here to listen to Transnatural Perspectives Podcast entitled Consciousness in the COVID era – Jan. 17


Click here to listen to a 2020 Podcast by Transnatural Perspectives Podcast entitled Friluftsliv, (Anti)Adventure Narratives & Cultivating Ecological Consciousness with Bob Henderson

  • Designing Wild Pedagogies Workshop with North Vancouver Outdoor Education Center – Victor Elderton – Co-Coordinator, April 23-26 – POSTPONED TO 2021
  • Outdoor Education/Canadian Travel Stories, Bancroft Environmental Youth Stewardship, April 4 – CANCELLED
  • A History of Outdoor Education, Canadian Outdoor Summit Key Note,  Gatineau, Quebec, Sept. 30 – POSTPONED TO 2021


  • 1971-2021 The Anti Expedition Group: Tseringma Pilgrimage 1971. Arts and Science McMaster University – Oct. 30
  • Work has commenced to revisit the Anti Expedition 1971 trip in 2021 with a Norwegian Canadian team on the 50th Anniversary. The 1971 film has been translated in sections to English. October 22, University of Toronto meeting of interested parties. Simon Beames presented on Place Responsive Learning and Ethical Travel.
  • 1971-2021 The Anti Expedition Group: Tseringma Pilgrimage 1971. Norges Idrettshogskole, Oslo, Norway August 23
  • Camp Pathfinder – Spruceroots  – June 8
  • Wild Pedagogies Gathering – Finse, Norway, August 25 – A Practitioners Understanding of Wild Pedagogies
  • COEO Conference – An Introduction to Wild Pedagogy Workshop Sept. 26
  • Algonquin Celebration Group – Tom Thompson tour of Canoe Lake and Every Trail has a Story Keynote – September 9
  • Hike Ontario Summit and AGM – Every Trail Has a Story – Oct.19


  • All the News Fit to Sing – Haliburton Song Talk Workshop, Haliburton, Ontario Jan. 17, 2018  All the News Fit to Sing Playlist and Book List
  • Horwood Student Conference – Practice Informed by Research and Vice Versa, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario Feb 2,3, 2018
  • Wilderness Canoe Symposium – Tale of Two Rivers , Toronto, Feb. 24, 2018
  • University of Toronto Outdoors: Experiential Teaching and Learning Workshop – Invited Guest and Presenter, April 12, 2018
  • University of Alberta, Department of Physical Education. Gathering of Explorations and Outdoor Education Alumni 1980-95 – Chief Achivist,       May 18 – 21, 2018
  • University of Alberta, Augustana Campus – The Anti Expedition Group – Sept 25, 2018
  • Jasper Museum – The Anti Expedition Group  – Thursday, Sept 27, 2018  thinking-mountain-talk
  • Thinking Mountains Interdisciplinary Summit Oct. 2 – 5  Banff, Alberta –The Anti-Expedition Group, a presentation by Borge Dahle, Aage Jensen, and Bob Henderson. Join these international outdoor educators for an intimate glimpse into the 1971 Tseringma Pilgrimage, made by by Sigmund Kvaloy Setreng, Nils Faarlund and Arne Naess, a mountaineering (anti-) expedition to the Himalayas that rebelled against the nationalistic, victory-driven climbing culture of the period. It will be a night of Norwegian mountaineering history, literature, philosophy, and film! – Whyte Museum, Banff    thinkingmtnsexpedition-poster
  • University of Toronto Faculty Retreat Advancing Outdoor Education: Evaluation stories at the Koffler Scientific Reserve – Friday, October 12, 2018


  • Every Trail Has a Story Talks – Haliburton, Ontario, Feb. 2017
  • Wilderness Adventurers Club – Mississauga, Ontario, April 2017
  • Camp Pathfinder Spruce Roots: A Chautauqua on Leadership and Wilderness Canoe Tripping – Algonquin Park, June 2017
  • Project Canoe – Staff Training Workshop – Storytelling – Toronto,  June 2017
  • Haliburton Hike Festival – Every Trail Has a Story 2 km Hike, Sept. 2017
  • Canoe North Legacy Gala – Songs and Stories of the North, Orangeville,  Oct. 1, 2017
  • Iceland Outdoor Education Community – Burgers with Bob!! Oct. 14, 2017
  • GET KIDS PADDLING – Speaker – Nov.4,2017


  • Illuminating Conversations Series – Barrie, Ontario, December 2016.
  • Health for All: Green Durham Associations Initiatives – with Elizabeth Calvin, Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Environment and Ecosystem Series, November 2016.
  • Inspirations for Norwegian Friluftsliv – with Elizabeth Calvin to Toronto Regional Conservation Authority Senior Staff, November 2016.
  • On Sigmund Kvaløy Setreng – International Outdoor Education Research Council, Cape Breton, July 2016.
  • Joy Management Strategies – Ontario Wilderness Leadership Symposium Workshop, Ontario, April 2016.


  • Teaching “Celebrating Canadian Winter Identity” – Snow Walkers Rendez vous, Vermont, November 2015.
  • Seeking Relevance as a Primary Goal of Scholarship: Stories of Reaching Beyond the Academy. – Keynote Address, Faculty of Education Graduate Student Conference, Lakehead Univeristy, February 2015.
  • Honouring the Legacy of Dr. Brent Cuthbertson: Unchartered Territory – Bob Henderson and Stephanie Potter, Thinking Mountains 2015, Interdisciplinary Mountain Studies Conference, Jasper National Park, Alberta, May 2015.


  • Belonging is the Heart of the Matter: A Playful Conceptualization of Outdoor Education in Pattern of Threes – Iceland Conference, September 3-7, 2014. Keynote Speaker, European Outdoor Council.
  • The Management of Joy: Exploring the Tyranny of Risk Management – Second Annual Outdoor Education Student Conference: The Horwood Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston, January 2014. Keynote speaker.


  • The Power of Inversions: Bert Horwood-Trickster – The First Outdoor Education Student Conference: The Inaugural Horwood Conference, Keynote address Queen’s University, Kingston, January 2013.
  • Every Trail has a Story and Panel Discussion on Sigurd Olson– The Sigurd Olson Institute 40th Anniversary, Ashland, Wisconsin, USA, April 2013.
  • Staff Training: “There is nothing so practical as a good theory: Theories to Guide By” – Outward Bound Canada and Project Canoe. June 2012. (Continued with PC 2014-16).


  • Social Determinant of Health: Outdoor Education – Tedx Talk, Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Ontario, March 31, 2012.


  • “Travelling with my Students” – Keynote address, Útinám á Íslandi Conference, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, December 2, 2011.
  • Studying Students in outdoor travel Experiences: Considering Change over a 30 year span of guiding – The 5th International Outdoor Education Research Conference: Different Places, Critical Perspectives, New Possibilities, Denmark, July 4-8, 2011.
  • Teaching History Experientially – The Living History Project, York University, Toronto, ON, January 27, 2011.


  • “Friluftsliv: Experientially” – Get Outside:It’s in our Nature, BC’s Regional Children, Families, and Nature Forum. Victoria, BC, March 2009.
  • Friluftsliv: Another Way – Keynote address for Learning Gone Wild: Making Connections with Nature. Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Hitchcock’s Hideaway, Saskatchewan, May 2009.
  • Inviting Conversation: Friluftsliv, Relational Geographic Thinking and Outdoor Learning – Bryan Grimwood and Bob Henderson, for Henrik Ibsen: The Birth of Friluftsliv: A 150 Year International Dialogue Conference, Jubilee Celebration, North Trondelag University College, Levanger, Norway, September 14-19, 2009.


  • Kurt Hahn Keynote Address: “Seek Simplicity to Preserve Complexity: The Subtle and Profound Importance of Story, Place and Technology in Outdoor Education.” – November 8, 2008, Vancouver, Washington: AEE Annual International Conference.
  • Keynote Address. “Seeking Simplicity (The Kampoon Spirit) to Preserve Complexity – 3rd Outdoor Education Conference 2008, “Community Building Through OE, Re-Living the Kampong Spirit.” June 2008, Singapore.


  • Capturing an Elusive Friluftsliv– Being in Nature Conference, Gisna Valley, Norway, August, 2007.


  • Leadership Keynote: “From Recreation to Education to Therapy” – Outdoor Sports Education Conference, Hrubá Skála, Czech Republic, November 2006.
  • Experiential Education Practices Workshop – Bob Henderson and Margot Peck, Union College/University of Vermont, July 2006.


  • A Canoe Trip Curriculum – Bob Henderson and Margot Peck, Creating Ripples Joint Conference for GECOM, ISEE, and C.O.E.O., Huntsville, ON, September 2005.


  • By Canoe and Snowshoe: Unpacking Canadian Outdoor Travel Experiences – Outdoor Sports Education, European Year of Education Through Sports (EYES 2004), Hrubá Skála, Czech Republic, November 2004.
  • Understanding the Friluftsliv Nordic Tradition: Can it be exported? – Department Research Seminar, Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2004.


  • A Canadian University and Colleges Colloquium – Organizer and Host (18 presenters concerning Programme issues). In conjunction with the Association for Experiential Education Conference, Vancouver, November 2003.
  • Good Teaching/Good Learning – Faith Evans, Bob Henderson, Cliff Knapp, Tom Smith. Two day Pre-Conference Workshop. Association for Experiential Education, Vancouver, November 2003.


  • Friluftsliv and Landfullness: A Meeting of Traditions – M.A. Baker and B. Henderson, 30th Annual Association for Experiential Education International Conference, Saint Paul, Minnesota, November 2002.
  • Experiential Education for the Classroom and Schoolyard –   The Association for Experiential Education Pre-Conference Day Workshop to schools and college professional group. Saint Paul, Minnesota, Day Workshop -November 6, 2002. Semi-Regularly until 2008 Conference.
  • A Canadian Perspective of Friluftsliv by Canoe and Snowshoe – Deep Environmental Educational Practice, Invited Colloquium, Rennebu, Norway, January 14-18, 2002. Invited.